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Three Days of Training - Putting Classroom Work into Action!

Captain Chris Yacht Services
Three Days of Training - Putting Classroom Work into Action!
TA-DA! Anchoring is easy with the right equipment.
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After three days aboard our training trawler, this couple's eyes were wide open to the cruising lifestyle. They are rehabbing a loopable motor sail boat that needed a little TLC and they had many questions....With a few boating classes and significant research under their belts it was time for putting words on the paper into action on the water.

What about a windlass? How much horsepower do we really need to lift the anchor? What size and type of anchor should we have for cruising the loop? What about keeping the sun down to a dull roar in the cabin? How to navigate using GPS and paper charts in unfamiliar territory? We were able to answer those questions and so much more when they

Dinghy storage was a great concern to them as well so we spent a bit of time walking around our marina. Pointing out this option and that option didn't give them all the solutions but certainly helped them hone in on the right path.

Our mornings in the engine room clarified that checking fluids is more than looking at the oil dipstick. Engine room checks included all the strainers- air conditioner, generator and the main engine. We also reviewed the sea water or raw water cooling system We traced the route that it takes to cool different components of the engine as it makes its way from the engine out the exhaust hose through the transom. A cool engine is a happy engine, for sure.

If you've never seen range markers or understand how they work then we can help! Running a range assists when you want to be sure to stay in the channel as well as determine your compass deviation. Really? Compass deviation too? Come aboard with us and we can give you some pointers to take back to your boat.

In their short time with us this couple added a few more items to their possible option list. RADAR is one of these items. Interpretation and use of RADAR is a skill that is easily learned when you spend time with Captain Chris. Like most new technologies, the more you use it the more comfortable you can become.  Time aboard using RADAR in good weather convinced these soon-to-be loopers that this may be another option to add to their new electronics package.

On the second morning we took a short 30 minute break and presented "Your engine overheated. Now what?" on the AGLCA BlogTalkRadio show. If you'd like to listen click on the blue box just above the photos. You can pause it anytime...Have more questions after you listen? Send us an email and we'll be glad to help you sort things out. Better yet, come aboard with us and start your own wish list for your perfect cruising boat!

 (NOTE: We no longer charter our boat but are pleased to come aboard YOUR boat anywhere for personal training with you and your mate)

Listen to internet radio with AGLCA on Blog Talk Radio
The list always at the ready...Gerry & Ann learn a great deal about systems in the engine room -hands on each morning.
Before we leave the dock we review the charts and guide books. What do the symbols mean and what will we expect to see? Where are we heading and why? based on weather and our available cruise time for this training trip.
Next time this soon-to-be cruising couple work out the trip planning as a team.
It is so important to know your navigation aids because the sun can play tricks! With the sun lower in the sky we could only make out the shapes and everything appeared to be the same color. Remember R.E.N.T. Red Even Nun or Triangle.
This angler is less than 25 feet outside of the marked channel.
Come for a dinghy ride!
Riding with three then two people aboard helps to see what this little 9.9hp outboard can do. Ever heard of dinghy butt?
Breakfast anyone?
Our back sundeck layout makes for a great place to dine....and the table also works later when we spread out the chart books!
Ann is at the helm while....
Gerry tries his hand at navigator. Alyse is there for coaching as needed but this couple caught on quickly as a cruising team.
While at anchor there is time to process newly learned subjects and compare notes.... Captain Chris takes a 30 minute break to do a Radio Show with AGLCA- Your Engine Is Overheating. What Now?
Mama and baby manatees visit. Their curiousity can get them too close to humans so we must be respectful and DO NOT TOUCH!
Look closely and see the open mouth of mama as she mistakes the small line from our dinghy for vegetation. Her head is almost as big as the lower unit on our outboard engine.
Very secluded anchorage in Vero Beach.
We wish Ann & Gerry much luck as they continue their refit on their motor sailer with all the new found information gained during their three days aboard with us.
No, this isn't a bad etch-a-sketch drawing. It's our snail trail or bread crumbs which indicate our path all night as we were swinging on anchor. The predominant wind kept us in a small arch we expected!
Ready to pick up the anchor...using a wonderful capstan and some easy to learn hand signals.
Cruising is much more fun when you learn together!

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