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Upsizing to a Trawler

Trawler Training aboard our boat in Florida
Captain Chris Yacht Services
Upsizing to a Trawler
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These Boston residents are members of a time share boat club and they want to learn how to handle larger TRAWLERS. Their plan is to travel to Anacortes, WA for a bare boat charter next month. They will be aboard a 49 foot trawler for a week’s family vacation. Working with us aboard our Training Trawler Sandy Hook in FL, they become much more comfortable before their big summer trip to the PNW, Pacific North West.

(NOTE: We no longer charter our boat but are pleased to come aboard YOUR boat anywhere for personal training with you and your mate)

It is amazing how easy a larger boat with a straight inboard engine can maneuver. Compared to the Outboard or Inboard/Outboard boats they are accustomed to operating in their boat club, Sandy Hook is a breeze. We cruised the FL coastline, practicing navigation in the ICW using paper charts and electronic GPS. Anchoring near the barrier island, we then deployed the dinghy which will be their major form of transportation on their upcoming charter. While ashore we could check on the new Sea Turtle nests!

“Living the Dream” we were anchoring, eating and sleeping aboard every evening while learning navigation, vessel systems, radio procedures and the grand finale, DOCKING! Your turn next?

Start with line handling to be sure we are all speaking the same language.
Navigation is next to plan our cruise.
Learning about the cooling systems can keep you out of trouble, especially when you are bare boat chartering without a captain in the near future.
Checking fluids before we start the engines.
Put it all together and you'd be amazed at how well things work out!
Change roles so everyone gets time at the helm and experience as navigator.
Every long day deserves some fun time...even if it still involves learning: about how the dinghy launches.
Almost to the beach...SMILE!
You must at least stick a toe in the Atlantic Ocean. It's a bit too rough today for swimming due to an incredible undertow.
More turtles have laid their eggs, now marked by the local state park rangers.
Sandy Hook as seen from the anchor in Peck Lake.
Waiting to dock, after all the lines are prepared. A few practice runs and we're good to go!
Pacific North West: here we come!

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