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From Orange Beach Fast Boat to Cruising with Captain Chris

Captain Chris Yacht Services
From Orange Beach Fast Boat to Cruising with Captain Chris
A couple that plays together....
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Fast isn't always best. What if you want to slow down and smell the roses- or the sea air? or meander about to watch the manatees, follow the dolphins (sea mammals, not the football team) or just plain relax and cruise around the United States? Visiting small off the beaten path anchorages and meeting other cruisers sounds like fun to us!

(NOTE: We no longer charter our boat but are pleased to come aboard YOUR boat anywhere for personal training with you and your mate)

That means you need to think outside of the box -or the boat- and move into the cruising lifestyle.
A couple from Orange Beach, AL want to see if they could travel at displacement speeds. That seems like an oxymoron? Displacement Speed? They are considering a larger self-contained trawler. After three days aboard with us they learn all about vessel systems, energy management, provisioning, anchoring overnight and maneuvering a large 44 foot 36 ton boat.
Take a cruise -at displacement speeds- through the photos below to see if this is for YOU!

A little liquid sunshine starts our trip but the sun come out as soon as we stow the last line....of course.
Getting a lesson on the inverter and power management for the time we will be away from dockside power.
It's the latest fashion- two pairs of glasses come in handy when reading charts underway in the sun.
Who's driving the boat? It's just as important to look behind you as to look ahead. Staying in the channel can be a challenge due to wind and current so day markers behind us let us know if we're getting pushed out.
Look Ma, no hands! Captain Chris believes in learning by doing and that goes for anchoring too.
Everyone gets a turn....and this hand signal means: The anchor is free so drive the boat to the channel. Hand signals help when wind carries your voice in the opposite direction. No batteries needed.
A storm is brewing and the forecast is for high winds. Best to be prepared for a squall. We have the jack lines ready in case we must go out on deck in the middle of the storm. Practice makes perfect although we did not need them!
What's the best boat to cruise? The one you already own! This looks like a bit of this and a bit of that but mostly a lot of FUN!
No salt water wash down here so we get back to basics with a bucket and brush to wash the mud from the decks after pulling up anchor. Definately an option to consider.
With a big grin and a few butterflies we head toward a trio of bridges. What a great sense of accomplishment when you navigate through this tight spot! Whoo-hoo!
Here's another common sight along the ICW- the dredge. It's essential to know which side to pass and how to contact the dredge if you aren't sure...try the VHF on channel 13 or 16.
Confusion at it's finest. The white diamond signs warn you to stay away from the shoals but which side do you take? This is one of the places where the dredge has yet to complete. GO SLOW and good luck!

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