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Two for Trawler Training
Salty Steph and Lefty Louise are great friends who decided to leave their men behind for trawler training aboard SANDY HOOK.
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We first met Louise and Sean at the Stuart Boat Show in 2009...and again at TrawlerFest Fort Lauderdale and Anacortes WA and whew! We lost track of all the different boating seminars and trawler shows where we've learned and laughed together...But this time Sean isn't part of the crew signed on for trawler training aboard SANDY HOOK.

(NOTE: We no longer charter our boat but are pleased to come aboard YOUR boat anywhere for personal training with you and your mate)

Louise introduced us to her friend Stephanie who also wants to learn more about handling a cruising boat. Sean and Louise are currently cruising across country in a land yacht (an RV) and they do not yet own a cruising trawler but are learning all they can to help make their final decision. While Louise hasn't quite determined the specific boat, she and her mate are definately going to sea in the near future.

Stephanie and her mate Martin have aleady had a big adventure aboard their own 43 foot Tiara Express Cruiser with IPS. Last year they cruised in the Bahamas and south Florida before shipping the boat west to California. They decided they want to continue living the cruising dream but this time aboard a more traditional trawler, a real passagemaker. Before they commit to their perfect cruising yacht, Stephanie wants to learn more about boat handling so she can contribute more to the adventure.

These great friends have a terrific time while trawler training aboard with us and bring back so much confidence that their spouses are quite excited for the next step in their cruising journey.

Get ready world! Here they come!

Ladies, meet your engine room! Captain Chris shows Steph and Louise what's what before we get underway.
Captain Alyse prepares to disconnect the shore power and explains the steps to Louise and Stephanie.
These are range markers and we need to steer left to line them up properly. Navigational aids help us to stay within a designated channel and out of the shallow waters.
Captain Chris demonstrates a few maneuvers before handing over the wheel to our guests.
Pow-wow on the aft deck...readjusting our cruising plans requires a good look at the charts. The weather forecast indicates NW winds and a small front overnight. Our choice of anchorage should reflect this.
Stephanie gets comfortable at the helm.
Louise learns to appreciate the effects of wind and current...and the help of a good navigator! Where's that next day marker?
Engine room checks while underway. Louise gives us an A-OK! Notice the ear protection...engine rooms are noisy places.
Steph and Captain Chris learn the advantages of B-wings.
A series of three different bridges, bascule, railroad and fixed. The railroad bridge must be in the open position before we call the Roosevelt Bascule Bridge tender for an opening.
Louise is at the helm on our return trip through the bridge trio. The railroad bridge only allows a width of 50 feet! Steph had her turn yesterday, smiling the whole way through.
The three musketeers...
Uh-oh! Here comes the Crossroads!
MOONRISE! Just as the sun sets we are treated to this incredible full moon over a very still anchorage. Such a difference from the night before.
Stephanie's turn in the engine room. No problems mon!
Things appear closer than they really there enough room for both of us in this narrow channel?
Absolutely! But a plane??
Showing some leg in the dinghy as we head to the barrier island next to Peck Lake. After all, it is January in SUNNY Florida.
Sea Grapes create a shade canopy as we head over to the ocean.
With west winds, the ocean is flat as a mirror.
You missed a spot Chris! Louise hops up on the forward cabin to avoid the mud as Captain Chris gives the deck a salt water bath after pulling up the anchor.
Driving is thirsty work.
Yo!Yo! It's my turn at the wheel...
Maybe I should've stayed the navigator??
It's a busy day for commercial traffic on the ICW and Louise shares a tight squeeze with a barge and tug and does it with ease.
The girls wave back to Sean as he wishes us bon voyage from the Smithsonian dock near the Fort Pierce Inlet.
A bird's eye view of SANDY HOOK underway.
Lots of laughs and so many smiles make this trawler training trip a blast! See you both at TrawlerFest in Fort Lauderdale...

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