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American Great Loop Cruisers' Association

Captain Chris Yacht Services
American Great Loop Cruisers' Association
The burgee of a first time Looper flies at the bow.
Additional Images
We support Loopers. That's right- Loopers! Captain Chris Yacht Services is a sponsor of The American Great Loop Cruisers' Association- AGLCA. This cruisers' group is a terrific resource for anyone who travels the waterway circle up the Atlantic East Coast, through the Great Lakes, down the Mississippi River and across to the Florida shores.

Captains Chris and Alyse are pleased to attend the Fall and Spring AGLCA rendezvous.  The upcoming Fall event will be at Joe WHeeler State Park in Alabama October 24-27 and the Spring was held in Myrtle Beach SC April 25-28. We meet so many new friends at each rendezvous! If you missed this wonderful cruising event just scroll down and you'll see some photos of a great week long social on the waterfront.

When you spend time with us training aboard your boat we'll provide a year membership FREE, compliments of Captain Chris Yacht Services.

Click here for the latest Loopers who asked us to join them as they started their fantastic journey in St. Petersburg. This couple purchased a 47 DeFever and allowed us to share our experiences to get them safely on their way. If you know someone who needs a bit more coaching to boost their boating confidence please contact us at

Want more information about the American Great Loop Cruisers' Association (AGLCA)? Here's their web site:

The Okeechobee Waterway is a wonderfully peaceful portion of the Great Loop in Florida.
The AGLCA burgee waves as Captain Alyse does some coaching on what to expect in the next lock.
SO MANY CRUISERS! ...and many more were missing in action  when we snapped this rendezvous photo (replenishing supplies before heading north the next day?).
Captains Alyse & Chris...caught sneaking away from their booth for cocktails!
Here's a happy salute from Nancy & her mate.
Attempting to impersonaste Captain Chris but we know who really is behind those Foster Grants.
...lots of fun...
Many new faces quickly become fast friends.
have you seen so many smiles?
Uh-Oh! What's got their attention?
Beautiful to sit by the water...
This looks like trouble waiting to happen!
Please....Can I? Can I???
Of course they are smiling...they own a boat!
Probably our last chilly day of spring. Snuggling helps!
Planning to
No, that ice sculpture WON'T fit in your glass. Thanks for a very fun rendezvous!
We socialize over refreshments...
We chat some more on the buffet line....
Congratulations on your well deserved recognition...keeping the Skipper Bob spirit in everything you do.

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